The Elite Knights Edit

It was a bitter windy day on the 13th September 1634 in Nottingham England. The Sheriff of Nottingham was overseeing the weekly hangings of several accused thief's. Several-hundred peasants were watched enthusiastically, as they always did. The Sheriff stood olongside the Bishop and his wife Anne atop a small column that led down to the dungeons and chambers. Two knights stood guard of the Sheriff, while almost a hundred more stood guard around the city walls and archers on the walls. The hangings were about to start when a strange howling rose up from the hills. The Sheriff turned for a few seconds to face the countryside. It was completely empty except for a few sheep. He turned patiently back to the executions but another howl rose up, this time much louder and almost scary. The courtyard went quiet as people turned to look at the countryside as well. Everyone had turned to look and the hangings had been put on hold. Then the bishop cried out 'Look! Over there!' The unmistakable figure of a flag was coming over the hill. It had a human skull on it with two double bladed swords crossing over it. A figure appeared holding the flag. The Sheriff squinted to see it. The first thing that crossed his mind was: 'Its not human.'